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Why have so many stations, programs, and networks chosen Market Trends Research?

A field-tested researcher: Market Trends' Peter Dominowski has conducted more than 100 focus group and survey projects in the last two years. Conducting insightful, actionable research is our business!

Experience & personal service: Market Trends Research President Peter Dominowski personally conducts all research. He is easily accessible and brings twenty-five years of public radio programming and fund raising experience to each project. With Market Trends Research, your important project will never be in the hands of an inexperienced researcher or someone who does not understand public radio programming, fund raising, and its listeners.

Easy-to-understand, actionable results: Market Trends makes the sometimes-complex realm of research uncomplicated and easy to understand. Jargon and buzzwords are kept to a minimum. We utilize the most appropriate tools to find the answers to questions, to present information clearly, and ensure that the results are actionable toward your goals and objectives.

What other stations think: Market Trends Research has been building loyalty since 1985, and more than 90% of our public radio research clients have returned to work with us again.

Conventional & online research: Market Trends Research conducts both online and offline focus groups and surveys. We use the methods that produce the best results for your project.

Great research at a reasonable cost: No one wants to pay for services they do not use. The structure of many research companies forces them to increase their fees to support the overhead costs of their entire facility, whether or not a client uses all their services! With Market Trends Research, you pay only for the services you need.

Professional recognition: Peter Dominowski has written five books on research, conducted several national public radio research studies, and has been admitted as a member of the Qualitative Research Consultant's Association [QRCA], the international association for leading qualitative research professionals. He was a founder of PRPD [Public Radio Program Directors], and the original "PD Bee" programmer training workshops.

Commitment to ethical standards: Market Trends Research is dedicated to conducting business and treating clients in an honest and ethical manner. We subscribe to the Codes of Ethics of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association, and the Institute of Management Consultants.


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